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ce nice ecollection

integrating design and sustainable fabrics

About Us

our clothing is made exclusively from environmentally sustainable fabrics. all of our garments are colored with low-impact synthetic dyes or made in natural color-grown fabrics. every article of clothing we produce is water washable. the pieces in the collection are made primarily from organic cotton fabrics, but we also make pieces in organic linen and peace silk. there is no leather, feather, or fur in our collection.

our styles range from day dresses to special occasion gowns, and in basics from jeans to shirts and knit tops. some are traditional and some are modern in design.  each design is carefully patterned and constructed by our team to fit and look fantastically nice.

the ce nice ecollection is the culmination of our desire to offer well designed fashionable clothing for the modern woman who cares about the environment and the world we live in as much as we do.



our sustainable fabrics are sourced from many regions but primarily from the US and India. here's a list of the types are sources of our fabrics:

  • sourced and milled in the US- organic mock leno, sport canvas cotton, knits, organic cotton denim, natural color-grown organic cotton crepe, pinpoint oxford

  • milled in India from European linen- organic linen 

  • sourced and milled in India- peace silk


we are always on the look out to find and use special fabrics made from sustainable textiles sources.

thanks to the farmers and mills:

we want to thank and appreciate the hard work, commitment and the investment of time and capital of the individual organic textile farmers and the mills and brokers that make these sustainable fabrics available for clothing production. none of our clothing would be possible without them. these hard workers include:

Cotton Plus, Fox Rich Textiles, Sew Ecological, Green Textiles, Cone Mills, Swift Mills, Doran Mills, the organic cotton farmers of Texas and California, Fox Fibers of the US, A&A Eco Products, Akkanath Organic Cotton, Aura Herbal Textiles of India, and the organic cotton farmers and peace silk producers of India.


design team:

our design and production team is made up of individuals who work individually and together to bring innovative, creative and informed principles to the conception and production of each garment. 

team past and present:  Cailyn, Carissa, Dorothy, Efrain, Emilie, Gina, Jordan, Laura, Lydia, Marlena, Mira, Sarah, Sarah-Ann, Sergio, Veronica 

special collections:  Laura, Jordan, Mira

note: panel dress regular length in center left image .  23 pattern pieces shown below . marking for cut .  second image below is same dress in in-house production

pattern and sample making:

we design, pattern, and sew our samples in our Seattle studio. most of our team have degrees in design and apparel production. the team works everyday on patterning and construction and resolving challenges presented by the designs and fabrics. 

all of our designs are original and designed in house, using a mix of more traditional features, modern styles, and at times more experimental designs.



we make our clothing either in house or working with partner contractors in the US and India. our special designs and gowns are made in house where we can assure construction standards needed for the special delicate fabrics. an example of this is our gowns made in organic cotton voile, where each seam must be reinforced with special cotton fusible tape. many of our knit, dress, and jacket styles are made with our trusted sewing partners in Seattle. our jeans are made with our long time sewing partner in Texas (see below).  some of our styles are made in Los Angeles. 


jeans production

all of our jeans are made in the USA from organic cotton denim and sport canvas


our sewing partners and master jean makers Juan and Socorro at 3NH Fashions in Texas have been making our jeans for over 10 years and have been making denim jeans and jackets for 30 years. these images show the making of the back pocket decorative arching line (left), fly installation (center left) and quality checks (right). these jean makers use specialized machines and tried and true sewing techniques to create very high quality, long-lasting jeans.

India production

all of our silk pieces are made in India from silk sourced in India. our organic linen dresses and purses are also made in India.


Silk production and materials

we require that our sewing partners meet good labor and fair wage standards and are prohibited from using child labor in any part of the production. we do not utilize large sewing production factories with associated building issues. we keep in close contact with our suppliers and producers overseas.  all of our silk pieces (with few exceptions) are made from peace silk which has a more sustainable footprint.  any dyes used in the silk fabrics are low impact AZO free dyes, and we always test wash the silk to make certain that no overdying or subsequent bleeding has occured. 

voile voila show

we staged a video showing of our Voile Voila Spring Collection directed by Efraín. 

included were approx 40 looks all made from 100% organic voile fabric. the video, filmed in Seattle shows the range of designs from day dresses and outfits to gowns that the ce nice team put together over the last several years. please click here for more detailed information. the image opposite shows many member of the design team and participating models that braved a long day and cool temperatures to get a wrap.


Message from the director dave:

        our goal is to provide well designed quality clothing for the modern women who cares about the health of the planet and a sustainable future and wants to wear what she cares about.  we work everyday to integrate design and sustainable fabrics in a collection that we believe accomplishes this goal.  all of our clothing is water washable and none requires dry cleaning because of the associated health and environmental issues associated. we use only organic cottons and other textiles like organic linen because this means less chemicals on the earth and in the groundwater.  

note: image left . C4U organic cotton jeans (with 2% spandex for stretch) in dark wash include real folded belt loops and single needle stitching on wide waistband for comfort (no scratch). all stress points are bar-tacked. shell button closure standard. 

     numerous studies document that toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton production cause ecological damage and adversely affect the surrounding environment and wildlife, as well as the health of the agricultural workers and residents in the area. we use fabrics that are dyed with what are called low-impact dyes that adhere to regulated standards, (OEKO-Tex Standard 100: a global low-impact dye classification). we are aware that even low-impact dyes can have negative environmental effects, but it is difficult to construct a collection with only un-dyed fabrics. because color is such an integral design element, we try to use the most environmentally sound techniques.  

image right: quilted dream dress with 100% organic sateen cotton shell and lining. 100% recycled soda bottle PET insulation. made in USA . model Amanda. photo Gia


      in addition to our dyed fabrics, we also offer many designs and styles in fabrics made from organic color-grown cottons in color hues of brown and green and vanilla. these are the ultimate green textiles for your wardrobe (see note below). we do NOT include any leather, feather or fur in our collection. while we use mostly natural textiles in our clothing, when using a synthetic fiber we search and find an eco-version if available. for example, we use a recycled soda bottle PET fleece as insulation in our quilted jacket and dress pieces (see image above). we do use wool in certain applications but only if there is assurance that the animals from which the wool is sheared are humanely treated and raised.

image left: 100% organic cotton dress and hat (left), natural undyed beige silk camisole over 100% organic eco whitened cotton voile gore skirt (center), and organic linen dress with 100% organic linen dress and matching purse (right). all undyed natural fabrics. 

we recognize that our clothing pieces are expensive and we hope you feel they are worth the price. the fabric is costly,  the styles are made in limited production, and we sew to the highest quality and often in delicate fabrics like the organic cotton voile gowns and dresses (see image right). because all of our pieces must be water washable (not dry clean),  we wash and heat dry each garment with a zipper prior to installation of a zipper to prevent zipper ripple when the garment shrinks. much of our clothing is made in the USA either in-house or with sewing partners. we require that our sewing partners meet good labor and fair wage standards which costs more as it should. 

image right: one arm long gown made of 100% organic cotton voile and sateen cotton. model Taylor . photo Gia 


      if you have any issue with your order  you may return it for full credit within the allowed time frame, or if your garment fails in any way, within a reasonable life of garment term and worn with care,  we will replace or repair it. we believe in treating our customers right and will do what we can to give you the best experience possible.  give the ce nice collection a try and we assure you that you will be a happy person because you will feel and look nice and know that what you're wearing is guilt-free and eco-friendly!  

thank you, dave davis, director

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